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Scenario Editor
O.R.B. Environment Tutorial
So, you�ve played through the campaigns, the skirmishes and have enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of O.R.B. thoroughly. Now you are ready to create new worlds that you can explore, conquer and show off to all your friends! But upon trying out the Editor you quickly realize that you have no idea how this damn thing works... right?

Well fear not, we are here to guide you! ORBEditor isn�t exactly the easiest of tools when you start off, but it will quickly become second nature once you grasp the basic concepts, including the fundamentally important "CTRL-SHIFT-ALT" command key combination. Let�s start now!

Starting with a Blank WorldStarting with a Blank World
Adding a Light Source (Sun)Adding a Light Source (Sun)
Adding Planets to Your MapAdding Planets to Your Map
Adding Moons to Your MapAdding Moons to Your Map
Creating an Asteroid GroupCreating an Asteroid Group
Creating Asteroid ClustersCreating Asteroid Clusters
Customizing Asteroids FurtherCustomizing Asteroids Further
Creating a Debris FieldCreating a Debris Field
Creating a Star Field and Nebula EffectsCreating a Star Field and Nebula Effects
Adding Units and Adjusting Game SettingsAdding Units and Adjusting Game Settings

Download the Word document that
contains this entire tutorial (2 MB)

O.R.B. Textures
You may want to customize the way the game looks. This document contains a list of all asteroid, moon, nebula and planet textures that you can change in your game directory with your own images.

Asteroid TexturesAsteroid Textures
Moon TexturesMoon Textures
Nebula TexturesNebula Textures
Planet TexturesPlanet Textures

O.R.B. Basic Cinematics Tutorial
This section will help you add a bit of cinematic flare to your environments. Make sure you've read the Environment Tutorial before proceeding with the following documents.

Part 1: Section NamePart 1: Section Name
Part 2: CamerasPart 2: Cameras

Download the Word document that
contains this entire tutorial (213 KB)

O.R.B. Triggers Tutorial
So you made quite a few environments and awesome looking multi player maps, but you find that they all lack activity and dynamic properties within them. This is where Triggers come in play.

Putting Action Into the EnvironmentPutting Action Into the Environment
Placing ShipsPlacing Ships
Trigger 1: InitializationTrigger 1: Initialization
Trigger 2: Mine Is BuiltTrigger 2: Mine Is Built
Trigger 3: ReinforcementsTrigger 3: Reinforcements
Trigger 4: New Objective DisplayTrigger 4: New Objective Display
Trigger 5: Ping!Trigger 5: Ping!
Trigger 6: InvestigateTrigger 6: Investigate
Trigger 7: Investigate ObjectiveTrigger 7: Investigate Objective
Making ZonesMaking Zones
Trigger 8: Player Brings a Ship to Zone1Trigger 8: Player Brings a Ship to Zone1
Trigger 9: Communication from Nimbus 5Trigger 9: Communication from Nimbus 5
Trigger 10: Bring in CarrierTrigger 10: Bring in Carrier
Trigger 11: Win Condition - FightersTrigger 11: Win Condition - Fighters
Trigger 12: Win Condition - Cargo ShipTrigger 12: Win Condition - Cargo Ship
Trigger 13: VictoryTrigger 13: Victory
Trigger 14: DefeatTrigger 14: Defeat

Download the Word document that
contains this entire tutorial (920 KB)

Other Resources
Be sure to drop by the scenario editor forum to exchange tips and tricks with other designers.

Scenario Editor ForumScenario Editor Forum

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