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O.R.B.: Off-World Resource Base - Latest News
:: 2003-05-05 ::
New maps
Phoenix Map Pack #2 and Triomah are now available for download.

:: 2003-05-02 ::
1.04 is here!
Head over to our Downloads page to grab the latest patch for O.R.B. Tons of improvements include: 2D tactical view replaced by 3D tactical, 4 new playable units (2 frigates for each race), 2 new alien units, 8 new Skirmish/MP scenarios, new weapons, improved AI, multiplayer stability improvements, improved loading time, and more.

:: 2003-03-12 ::
O.R.B. Ini Editor
ORB fan Brendan created a cool utility to help you customize the game. Check out his INI editor in the new Utilities section of this web site.

:: 2003-03-10 ::
3 new user-made scenarios
Three new scenarios have been added to the Levels & Mods section. Look for Colonization, Spartan 2 and The Rings of Mimas.

:: 2003-03-04 ::
Patch 1.03 available!
This is what fans have been waiting for! See the downloads section.

:: 2003-02-14 ::
4 new user-made scenarios
Several new scenarios have been added to the Levels & Mods section. Look for Blue Planet, Marching to Mars, Sandbox and a new version of The Rings of Saturn.

:: 2003-01-10 ::
Win a free copy of O.R.B. with Gamer's Hell!
Gamer's Hell and Strategy First teamed up to offer you the chance to win one of 5 copies of the game. Head over to Gamershell.com for all the details.

:: 2002-12-09 ::
User-made scenarios added
Several new scenarios have been added to the Levels & Mods section. Check them out!

:: 2002-11-29 ::
New Tutorials and a Strategy Guide
There is a new Scenario Editor section on the site that includes: an environment tutorial that'll show you how to create maps for the game, a basic in-game cut scene tutorial and a texture list to help you customize the game. Also of interest is the Strategy Guide for the first 5 campaign scenarios for both races.

:: 2002-11-27 ::
One universe, 2 races and a whole lotta trouble!
Now�s your chance to see what all the fuss is about! Strategy First has teamed up with Gigex to bring you a demo from the recently released, stunning 3D Real-Time Strategy game, O.R.B.

:: 2002-11-18 ::
Final Thoughts
Parting thoughts from the team now that the game is done.

:: 2002-11-15 ::
Malus and Alyssian Technology
We have added a new Technology section that contains information about fighter ships, capital ships, logistics, satellites, asteroid installations and more, for both the Malus and the Alyssians. Also up on the site is patch 1.01 that fixes some minor bugs and will make the game more stable.

:: 2002-11-08 ::
The holidays just got a whole lot brighter...
It�s the news you�ve all been waiting for! Strategy First is extremely happy to announce that their eagerly anticipated in-house title O.R.B has hit retail shelves nationwide.

:: 2002-10-29 ::
O.R.B. is gold!
We have HUGE news! You�ve had trailers, screens, interviews and now comes what you have all been waiting for... O.R.B has GONE GOLD!

:: 2002-10-25 ::
More Friday O.R.B. goodies
Take a peek at the latest images from the game: WorthPlaying, GameSpyDaily, GameSpot, DigitalBackSpin.

:: 2002-10-22 ::
O.R.B. preview on GameSpot
Head over to GameSpot to read their excellent preview of the game.

:: 2002-10-11 ::
Weekly update
Take a peek at this week's screenshot update: DigitalBackSpin, Bolt Games, GameSpyDaily.

:: 2002-10-04 ::
Third O.R.B. trailer and screenshot update
We have released a third trailer for O.R.B. that shows you some more in-game footage, as well as some more screenshots. Get them here: 3D Gamers, WorthPlaying, DigitalBackSpin, GameSpyDaily, Bolt Games.

:: 2002-09-27 ::
Another Friday screenshot update
Yes folks, we have some more eye candy for you! 10 stunning screenshots. Check them out now from your favorite gaming site: WorthPlaying, DigitalBackSpin, epiGamer, XGR, Blue's News.

:: 2002-09-26 ::
Cool new stuff!
We have added a bunch of new things to the O.R.B. web site, including a new game features page, the O.R.B. timeline and two mp3 battle songs.

:: 2002-09-20 ::
In-game trailer available!
We have just released an in-game movie of the game. See O.R.B. in action along with ten incredible new screenshots! Gamer's Hell, WorthPlaying, GameZone, XGR, Combat Canada, Games Domain, GameSpot, IGN, Loaded Inc.

:: 2002-09-13 ::
A few more screenshots added
To quench your thirst for new material, the gallery section has been updated with some screenshots. Expect a few more new ones to show up on other gaming sites later today!

:: 2002-09-13 ::
4 new wallpapers
We have four more wallpapers available for download to complete the set of 7. Enjoy!

:: 2002-09-06 ::
Official O.R.B. trailer
It's time to get things started, it's time to light the lights, it's time to pop your popcorn cause the O.R.B. intro trailer teaser is LIVE! Click here to download the trailer in Bink format.

:: 2002-08-29 ::
Welcome to the world of O.R.B.
Learn all about the Aldus System, the ancient Aldar civilization, the Torumin scriptures and the races that make up the world of O.R.B.! Several new pages of information have been added to the Universe section - check them out.

:: 2002-08-23 ::
More screens
New O.R.B. screenshots have been posted on some gaming sites. You can check them out here: GameSpyDaily, WorthPlaying, EuroGamer, Gameguru Mania, XGR, Khabal Gaming.

:: 2002-08-23 ::
O.R.B. wallpapers are here
We have three beautiful images to adorn your desktop! Download the first three wallpapers from a set of seven exclusive O.R.B. 3D rendered images. Stay tuned for more on O.R.B. in the coming weeks... including more wallpapers, trailers and screenshots.

:: 2002-08-02 ::
More eye candy!
We have 32 new screenshots from the latest build of the game, featuring never before seen elements! Download them from the screenshots section.

:: 2002-06-27 ::
Time for another screenshot update
11 beautiful new images taken from the game are available in the screenshots section.

:: 2002-06-07 ::
New screenshots posted!
The screenshots section has been updated with more recent in-game images. Lookin' good!

:: 2002-04-30 ::
Interview with Paul Gadbois on GameSpy
GameSpy chats with O.R.B. Associate Producer Paul "Zorlok" Gadbois, hard at work completing the Strategy First RTS.

:: 2002-03-26 ::
O.R.B. Public Beta Announced
Strategy First is pleased to announce that they will now accept applications to beta test their upcoming 3D Real time Strategy Game, O.R.B.

:: 2002-03-25 ::
More screenshots added
Story, Features and Requirements sections have also been updated. o-r-b.com

:: 2002-03-14 ::
New screenshots have been added!
Check out the screenshots section to see some brand new images taken from the game.

:: 2002-02-28 ::
Welcome to the new o-r-b.com!
Ok, so it's not exactly complete yet, as you can tell, but we wanted to give a little taste of what's to come to fans of the game! More content will be added periodically over the coming weeks so be sure to check back frequently. o-r-b.com

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