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Torumin - From Book 3647, "Origin of Spirits", Divination MCC
Both sides are puzzling over the possible meaning of Divination MCC, which raises the specter of an as yet unknown force in the cosmos. The writer's tone � fearful in the face of an indefinable threat � heralds the appearance of a new author, perhaps a sage Aldar Elder. There is fatalism in this section of the scriptures that stands in marked contrast to the self-assuredness that is so apparent in earlier verses.

Divination MCC: "I am tormented by dreams of our death, And grief at what is to come.
For in dreams I have seen / The heavens falter, And the stars drop from the sky.
In my dreams / Creation ceases without a sound. I have seen the destruction of the Way."

Malus: For centuries, Divination MCC was closely guarded by the Sedjahar, a semi-independent cabal of the Devout, whose aims were twofold: to study the infamous verse and, fearing that such divine uncertainty would demoralize the Malus citizenry, prevent it from becoming public knowledge. But with the advent of the Alyssian war, the Exarch has commanded that the divination be divulged to the public. The Sedjahar has emerged from obscurity, its members elevated to godlike status, and the verse reinterpreted to suit the whims of the Malus military regime. The Malus hierarchy along with the Devout of the Night Sky Clan, have adopted a position which was, until recently, a frightful heresy: the destruction of the Way admits the possibility that the Malus can now fulfill their destiny as the rightful inheritors of divine rule in the cosmos. Although this idea is nothing new in Malus religion, the prophecy in Divination MCC lacked historical precedent until the start of the war. Now the Malus believe that, with the destruction of the Alyssians, they will return to that paradisiacal period in galactic history when only divine beings � the Malus now among them � dwelled in the cosmos.

A rare image showing members of the Sedjahar performing sacred rituals.
These enormous statues represent the various gods of the Malus pantheon.
Note the positioning of the Malus statue in the center.

Alyssian: Typically, the Alyssians have taken a considerably more humble approach to their interpretation of Divination MCC. Mystics among the Alyssian priesthood have determined that the passage is essentially a divine appeal for mortal help that has transcended time and space. It is both the burden and the privilege of the Alyssians to reopen "the Way" so that the Aldar may once again return to their former glory.

Throughout Alyssia, mystical symbols have been carved by the Alyssian ancestors
into the landscape in an effort to communicate their good intentions to the fallen Aldar.

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